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Da Vinci Design Associates

Da Vinci Design Associates was founded in 2007 and ended in 2010. FInd out more about Da Vinci Design Associates.

In that time Da Vinci Design was involved in a number of business interests, including:

Salon - Hair Extensions

Gabriel's Key Foundation

Medical - AEDs and Defibrillators

Enwright Wellness

Hydrotherapy Equipment and Experiences: HydroCo and Design For Leisure

Brasstown Valley Resort Equani Spa (see also this article with beautiful pictures from this resort spa development)

Former Da Vinci Design Associates Staff

Robert Dean Langdon
President/CEO (Biography of Robert Dean Langdon)

Shian Wing
VP Spa Development and Training (Biography of Shian Wing)

Robert Barry Langdon

Pete Kotz
Director of Spa Fitness and Nutrition

Lorna Anders
Senior Architect

Lori Rapport
Interior Design Consultant

Jodi Cross
Marketing and Media Consultant

Former associates of Da Vinci Design Included:

Foundation Door - The highest quality Door Manufacturer in the nation. Foundation Door utilizes fine Nicaraguan Mahogany with a "use one-plant five" tree reforestation program in the Nicaraguan Rain Forest. Foundation also employs custom door carvings from native Nicaraguan employees, using your art designs or customized creations by Da Vinci Design Associates Spa Consulting.

Enwright Wellness - Our spa architects with LEEDS Certification nationwide


Vito Demartis - Master Qi Gong Instructor who will implement multi-century long breathing techniques into a wellness program for not only a superior part of your Spa teaching programs but for the spa employees themselves. A clear-minded and healthy staff is key to self promoting that concept from within into a successful operating spa.

Deacon Interior Design - Also LEEDS Certified

Spa Capsules

Spa Equipment and Furniture

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