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‘Luxury need not have a price - comfort itself is a luxury’ Geoffrey Beene , American designer


Spa consulting, spa space planning, architectural services, engineering, construction management, interior design….Spa Design and Architecture Consultants work with some of the Industry’s finest talents. The key ingredient for the most effective use of square footage is space planning. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will listen, advise and guide you through this process, and will liaise with the designer and architect to finalize your plans to meet your requirements. We have partnered with Designers and Architects throughout the USA and the world who are experienced in this industry. Some of the firms we work with have designed and built some of the most  luxurious and prestigious Spas globally, and are recognized by name alone. 

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Our spa construction team will oversee all aspects of your build-out from negotiating with the landlord to final CO walk-through. A detailed critical path is followed to ensure all stages of development are on time. A sub-contractor contact list and warranty book review at completion of the project is provided for ease with ongoing routine maintenance requirements.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants takes the responsibility of your project seriously. If your project requires, we can assist you in sourcing an experienced Project Manager with a proven record of commercial construction management experience with customer relations and operations expertise. Responsibilities include:

· Coordinating and Developing Construction Schedules
· Project Supervision
· Directing Subcontractors
· Close-out and Client Relations
· Submission of Permits to City
· Final CO walk thru
· Sub Contractor Warranty Manuals supplied

Production Management

The timely and cost-efficient completion of your project will require the coordinated efforts of scores of trades, suppliers and resources.

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