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Spa Staffing and Recruitment

We guide and assist with the recommendation and placement of qualified, knowledgeable and experienced Spa staff for your facility. We work closely with leading Colleges for recruitment, and our extensive data base of Spa professionals enables us to make the most suitable recommendations, based on specific requirements and location, of each Project.

Spa Training and Education (Spa Elemental and EliteTraining Program)

Custom designed training programs can be tailored to suit the client’s needs, whether it be for individuals, Day Spa, Hotels & Resorts, MedSpa, Wellness and /or Sports facilities.

Topics include:

  • Departmental Operation Procedures
  • Compensation Guidelines
  • IT Systems
  • Spa Management Certification Course
  • Standard Operations Manual
  • Front Desk and Reception
  • Therapist Protocols
  • In House Training Programs
  • Treatment Service Menu Outline
  • Retail and Sales Programs
  • Marketing and Media

Depending on the content, these programs may be run at the Training facility, or at the client’s choice of venue…..locally or internationally. Regular invitations to experienced professionals from the spa and wellness industry to join us and present their field of expertise, demonstrates commitment to this invaluable asset. We offer our signature introductory level Elements and advanced level Elite spa training programs.

Basic Spa and Hydrotherapy Training and Education

When purchasing HydroCo hydrotherapy equipment from Spa Design and Architecture Consultants, a 1 Day Basic Training is included. This is conducted by qualified Educators at an appropriate training facility. The training session covers theory and practical demonstrations on the specific equipment purchased. We strongly encourage attending this session to learn such skills as: the correct equipment use, how and why we perform a treatment incorporating the therapist, product and equipment, and how to effectively educate your clients in the benefits and results of having this treatment. Therapist manuals and DVDs are supplied to each facility for ongoing in house training.

Spa Training General Course Content included:

· Spa Equipment Overview - equipment selection and operation
· Developing service menus and treatment protocol for your spa
· Spa Certification Classes
· Understanding the Vichy, Hydrotherapy Tub and Body Capsules
· Thermal Body Therapies and Thermal Contrasting
· Underwater Hydromassage - Lymphatic and Sports Remedial
· Traditional European KUR

Spa Training DVDs

We have a range of DVDs to assist in training of your staff.

Spa Training

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