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SPA DESIGN Phase 1 -
Spa Planning and Architecture

“Creating Your Concept…Developing Your Design…Realizing Your Vision”

Spa Concept Overview

During Spa Planning Phase 1, Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will identify all the key elements that will impact your project. We will listen to your vision and concept, and define your project in terms of market positioning and branding standard, spa space planning and preliminary design, budget and equipment selection.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will analyze the key elements of your project and help you define your market and your objectives, anticipate challenges and set realistic parameters then develop a plan to reach your goal.

The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants team brings decades of spa experience to the task of analyzing your target market, tailoring your offering and crafting a marketing plan with promotional and pricing strategies, budgets and roll-out schedules.

Spa Feasibility Overview

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will provide a competitive analysis study, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), core target market and pricing analysis study. This will provide a good understanding of local market position and a key decision for branding standard.

Spa Architecture - Spa Space Planning and Spa Design

Spa Space Planning Floor Design

Spa Decor Interior Design

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will assist our Architect (or yours) with the site evaluation, space planning, recommended room size and allocation, defining flow and layout, HVAC, cabinetry specifications, power and water requirements.

These elements will be orchestrated in an interior design scheme to achieve an aesthetically pleasing whole. We will review architectural design strategy, and work with the interior decorator to co-ordinate preliminary materials and finishes for your Project. At this time, Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will finalize the Critical Path for your Project and review together.

Spa Equipment and Furnishing

Appropriate, reliable multi-functional equipment selection is crucial to the success of the Spa, Med Spa and Fitness facility. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants provide technical data sheets for all equipment recommended, and assist the contractors. A comprehensive list is compiled, with electrical and water requirements, installation guidelines, warranties, and after sales technical support included. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants assists with appropriate Spa and Med Spa furniture recommendations for retail, communal and relaxation areas. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will draw on long-standing world-wide relationships with leading manufacturers to tailor the equipment list and coordinate installation with project contractors. See our Spa Equipment and Furniture page for more information.

Spa Program Planning

Equipment selection, product choice and treatment services all work in synergy to create a profitable and pleasurable Spa, Med Spa and Fitness environment. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will work with your mission statement to ensure the treatment modalities and product selection reflect your Project’s theme. A treatment service menu is designed, and pricing suggested. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will counsel you in packaging your offering for the optimum use of resources and the most marketable mix of services. We will help you design your marketing materials and plan your promotional strategies.

Pre-opening Planning

A brief overview of how to promote and market your Spa or Med Spa to the public is included in Phase 1. This brief covers all aspects of services and products offered.

Spa Assistance

For more information see our Spa Planning and Design Phase 2 page.

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