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When you start to work on a Spa Design project with Spa Design and Architecture Consultants, we will take you through a very detailed step by step process. Every item of concern is addressed in our comprehensive plan for taking your vision, and turning it into a working spa. Please review the following information for an overview of our process.

Understanding Spa Interior Construction

The Spa Building Permit Process : 2 to 6 weeks

The permits required will vary in each state, county and nation. The process may take longer than expected and cause unnecessary and expensive delays to your Project. Before permits are approved, drawings from architects, spa designers, engineers, general and subcontractors will be required to be submitted.

Depending on how strict the local laws are, and the size and scope of your project, this will determine what details and drawing are needed. The project manager or general contractor usually is responsible for the submission and co-ordination for permits. This can be tedious and time consuming, and involves reviews and meetings with the local officials. It is important to confirm the contractor will handle this when reviewing the owner-contractor agreement and fee structure.

Spa Drawings Required : 3 to 4 weeks

The drawings required for submission may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Demolition Plan
  • Framing Plan
  • Power and telephone plan
  • Plumbing Plan
  • Furniture Plan
  • Finish Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing Riser Plan
  • Electrical Circuitry and Wiring Plan
  • Electrical Panel Plan
  • Fire Sprinkler Plan

A team of professionals are needed to complete a full set of drawings. This team includes architects, spa designers, engineers and consultants.

  • Architect: specializes in creating the building shells
  • Interior Designer: specializes in creating the interior of the building shell
  • Structural Engineer: specializes in creating the building stability and structure
  • Mechanical Engineer: specializes in creating the HVAC and plumbing
  • Electrical Engineer: specializes in creating electrical panel schedule, wiring,
    sizing and type of electrical systems required.
  • Consultants: may specialize in fire protection or lighting etc

Spa Equipment Manufacturing : 4 to 2 weeks

Spa Interior Construction : 8 to 14 weeks

A general contractor specializes in the spa construction, fabrication, means, methods, procedures and coordination of the building shell and the interior. The general contractor is also responsible for making sure the spa's construction conforms to the contract documents, drawings, building codes, ordinances and other regulations.

Installation of Spa Equipment : 1 to 2 weeks

Installation is the final placement of spa furniture, fixtures and equipment. Installation may include carpentry, scribing, assembly, connections of power and plumbing. It also includes removal of cartons and crates for styling stations, chairs, reception desks, pedicure units, manicure tables, dispensary items, etc….

Project Close-out : 1 to 2 weeks

This is the pre-opening phase of the project. Punch lists, training, telephone and computer set-up, treatment room, dispensary and retail set-up takes place during this time. The delivery of final interior details such as artwork etc…takes place.

Here is a typical Spa Project Planner


Step 1 –Pre Design

1. Business plan & budget
2. Site selection
3. Negotiating lease/rental/real estate contract
4. Financing pre-approval
5. Research equipment companies
6. Research design/architectural resources





Step 2 –Design Development

1. Call local building dept for lead time and
requirements for permits
2. Finalize equipment selection and pricing
3. Finalize custom cabinet drawings and pricing
4. Select general contractor
5. Finalize interior construction documents
6. Select architect/engineer
7. Obtain final approval for financing

12 to 16 weeks
Step 3 –Architectural and Engineer Drawings
3 to 4 weeks
Step 4 –Bid Process
2 to 3 weeks

Step 5 –Permit Process

1. Contractor to submit permits for agency
2. Place equipment order

2 to 6 weeks
Step 6 –Interior Construction
8 to 14 weeks
Step 7 –Equipment Installation
1 to 2 weeks

Step 8 –Project Close-out

1. Final walk through
2. Move in
3. Train employees
4. Install computer equipment and telephones

1 to 2 weeks

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