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“Health is not just the absence of disease, but the total state of wellbeing - Physical, Mental and Spiritual” - World Health Organization

The hectic pace of today’s life is overwhelming for many. A focus in wellness trends has minimized the stigma once associated with some of these conditions. An acceptance of drug and substance abuse, mental breakdowns, and the need for professional therapy in a safe and balanced environment and is very much part of today’s social culture

This has led to the development of retreats, sanctuaries, wellness orientated communities and “destination” medical facilities to cater for all ages and urgent care needs.

Today we are “polarized” on wellness, the healthy are getting healthier, we are living life longer, younger. The Baby Boomer generation (1946-1964) are driving the trend for wellness communities. The first of the baby boomers turned 60 in 2006. Lifestyles have changed dramatically in the recent decades, with the technology age, divorce is common place and there is a decline in job security. These, and other factors, have contributed to the evolution of the Wellness Community.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will work together with owners, investors and their medical advisors to understand each Project’s unique requirements.

· Coordinating and developing construction schedules
· Spa Architectural services
· Permits and Insurances
· Project supervision
· Project Management
· Directing Sub-contractors
· Close-out and Client relations
· Final C/O walk thru
· Sub –Contractor warranty Manuals supplied
· Furniture and Equipment Selection
· Medical and Laser Equipment Selection
· Staff recruitment
· Vendor and In-house Training Programs
· Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment Selection
· Custom Designed Hydrotherapy products
· Medical Insurance guidelines

Advances in medicine, health science and technology have opened many opportunities to enrich the quality of life. The spa has emerged to deliver these advances to an exploding market. Far more than the clinic, the gym, the beauty salon of a generation ago, the spa offers a broad range of facilities, skills and services. The success of the spa relies on a complex mix of supporting disciplines, from facility design and personnel management to marketing and financial services.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants has evolved to meet this need for comprehensive and integrated services to take your spa from concept to an effective and prosperous operation. Through decades of experience, the Spa Design and Architecture Consultants team has evolved with the industry, serving a growing list of blue-chip clients with marketing planning, space planning, architectural services, construction management, equipment and inventory acquisition, recruiting, training and operations. The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants specialists are with you every step of the way, guiding you toward the spa that best serves the wellbeing of your clients and your balance sheet.

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