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HydraFacial by Edgesystems

A facial is the most criticized treatment in a spa dealing with many skin types. The HydraFacial by Edgesystems is in our opinion the best equipment on the market to insure positive, efficacious results.


  • Patented HydroPeel tip resurfaces skin while simultaneously introducing topically applied serums
  • For melasma, brown spots, wrinkles & fine lines, oily & acne- prone skin.
  • Skin-specific serums for deep cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, antioxidant treatment and more

Diamond Abrasion

  • Dry diamond crystal- free abrasion can be combined with wet HydraFacial treatment for deeper abrasion
  • Various crystal-free tips ranging from fine to extra coarse

Led Light Therapy

  • Red & infrared light (600-1000 nm) combined with HydraFacial to improve the appearance of signs of aging and skin texture
  • Blue light (420 nm) combined with HydraFacial or Levulan® to improve oily or acne-prone skin

Facial Lymphatic Drainage
& Cellulite Massage

Small cup for facial lymphatic drainage

Large cup for cellulite massage

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