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Spa Operations

Room Profitability Analysis

Profitability sheets are compiled for each room. This assists with efficient staff scheduling, and cost-effective re-ordering of product and consumable supplies. Our IT system technician will ensure you are able to print off reports to keep you well informed of all aspects of your business.

Spa Staffing Guide and Recruitment

The success of your spa rest on the quality of your staff. The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants team work closely with approved colleges and regulating industry bodies. We ensure all staff meet the necessary qualifications for the position being offered, and are licensed to work in the State where your facility is located.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants is ideally positioned to identify management and operating talent and to recruit the best for your spa. They can advise you on appropriate staffing levels and organizational structures and then schedule training so that as your facility nears completion, your staff will be trained and ready.

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants will create an operational chart for your facility, review resumes, provide guidelines for qualification requirements, and additional resource contact information for staff compensation and training programs.

Standard Operational Procedures

A comprehensive standard operating procedures guide (SOP) is created specifically for your Spa or Med Spa business. Daily operating check sheets are created and implemented for every department ie: salon, spa, fitness, front desk.  A separate Employee manual is given to each staff member.

Spa Business Systems

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants consultants have experience with general business account systems and software as well as special spa management resources. We can advise on the best system for the unique needs of your operation.

Job Descriptions

Industry standard templates are provided to enable you to identify and define each employee’s job description and responsibilities.

Spa Marketing

This is the key to the success of the Spa and Med Spa. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants helps you put a solid spa marketing plan in place, and a 12 month forecast to ensure your Spa or Med Spa is attracting the clientele you want, and more importantly retaining while increasing retail sales and re-bookings. All aspects of spa marketing and media are professionally covered.
Outreach for your spa may range from promotions to a captive audience of hotel guests to media advertising to the larger community. The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants marketing team can help you craft the right marketing and promotional mix to deliver top return on your marketing investment. See our Spa Marketing, Branding and Retail page for more information.

Spa Retail Planning, Purchasing and Training

Retailing is vital to the profitability of your facility. Merchandising is a critical component of the spa business plan. This is an area which is often overlooked yet more profit can be made from effective retailing in the Spa industry than from the treatments.

The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants staff brings great depth of experience in fostering a profitable retail element in your spa. They can develop a merchandising planogram suited to your space and clientele. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants can source every item you need with branding that reflects your own corporate identity. They’ll set up inventory systems to keep you stock current, complete and profitable. A Retail Purchasing Analysis is provided.

Onsite Staff Training

Your spa will be a special mix of services and facilities tailored to your unique market. Your training must be custom crafted to meet that unique need. Spa Design and Architecture Consultants professionals have played a pivotal role in developing the training curricula and standards for leading companies serving the Spa industry. Training can cover the complete range of disciplines from operational procedures, IT, therapist protocols, to continuing in-house
training management, retail, marketing and media. This training can be conducted on your site or at Spa Design and Architecture Consultants facilities in Los Angeles.

A qualified Therapist with pre-opening experience attends onsite for 2-3 days to work with your staff in a comprehensive Orientation. This covers crucial topics such as Spa or Med Spa protocol, equipment overview, BOH (back of house) operations, treatment room set-up, hygiene standards, and staff etiquette. In addition, an in-house Training program is designed specifically for your Spa or Med Spa facility.

Realizing Your Spa. Phase Three - Support

As your spa matures, as the industry and your market evolve, your needs will change. The Spa Design and Architecture Consultants team, with an intimate understanding of your operation, can bring new solutions to bear. We can help you keep your spa at the forefront with the latest management strategies, technologies and training.

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