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Hair Extensions from ThickenIt Studios

Spa Design and Architecture Consultants is now an agent for THICKEN IT STUDIOS and its #1 “Long & Beautiful Hair Extensions™” product that has successfully been developed after 20 years of experience in the industry. Long & Beautiful Hair Extensions™ are the first and only “Fully Seamless” hair extensions on the market today using the highest quality hair available.

Long & Beautiful™ uses a proprietary tape system that is like NO OTHER TAPE SYSTEM available ANYWHERE. The L&B system offers full support from the top and bottom of the hair which ensures that no tension breakage occurs with a method that lasts up to 3 months, is damage free, easy to remove and promotes healthy hair from start to finish.

What sets Long & Beautiful™ Hair Extensions above the rest:

* Lasts for 8 -12 weeks without having to replace them
* L&B Hair does NOT tangle, dry out or matte up
* Application requires NO TOOLS or HEAT
* 30 minute application time
* 10minute removal (shampoo them out)
* 9 colors to choose from (view color gallery)

Thicken It Studios has also developed 3 other products that have shown great success:

In’Between: great for in between shampoos and for oily hair or after the gym, tanning ect…plus add 10 times the volume to your hair.

Thicken It: This product is great for covering unwanted bald spots, thinning areas or 100% gray coverage for in between coloring.

Hair Now: Designed for those individuals that have thinning or balding hair.

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